BOOST The World is a movement for the development of heart-centered young leaders who want to create the best future for themselves and, together, for the planet. “The future education.”

We are driven by our vision – Together we make the world a better place for everyone. 

who are we?

A heart-centered youth leadership movement. “The Future education”

WHAT we do

From a holistic approach we educate youngsters to lead heart-centered lives and we facilitate sustainable eco-conscious communities around the world.

why we do it

Humanity is faced with many problems – countless conflicts and wars, great poverty and misery all over the world, human suffering and refugee flows, an unstable financial market, monetary crises and recessions, fatal ecological disasters, inner division and aimlessness. It is time for an evolutionary transformation of humanity. The current way of education has been focused on individualism, fear, performance and power. And, we believe it should be focused on raising consciousness through spirituality, soul development and multidimensional living. It’s time for a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers to make a difference!






Our mission

From a holistic approach, we want to educate 1,000,000 youngsters to live a purposeful  life. A life they can 100% stand behind and are happy with. Through our education, we uplift the new generation to become evolutionary difference-makers so that they can bring about desired socioeconomic changes.

We do this is 2 ways:

  1. By building a global e-learning platform where young people are taught how to be heart-centered leaders of their own lives. The youngsters are educated by top coaches who have years of experience and proven results in coaching.
  2. By facilitating the growth and development of eco-conscious communities around the world, kick-starting in South Africa. 

How are approach is different

  1. We strive to make an impact for the longer term. Our programs are based on providing education for the global youth, based on broader knowledge, higher consciousness, intuition, purpose, happiness, health and supporting local communities in a sustainable way. 
  2. We help locals in hunger zones, where a big part of the population are children, with the development of eco-conscious communities so that they can be self-sustaining, instead of relying solely on fundraising.
  3. We help the environment in developed countries with facilitating the (re)building of self-sustaining eco-conscious communities in those countries as well. 

We believe that we are all elements in a connected life cycle.

Our COmmunity

We have created a global network of youth heart-centered leaders under the age of 30, known as “BOOST Young Leaders”. The Young Leaders strive to improve themselves and the society around them to be more authentic, loving, caring, more self responsible, wise, joyful and devoted.


Read more about the Young Leader community, click below.

Our Core Values


Be open to life, discover who you are, be authentic. Connect with yourself and the other in a conscious way. To be seen, heard and appreciated. To speak your own truth.


Being honest, towards others, but also towards yourself. Walk the talk. Taking responsibility, thinking and acting. Let others grow from a consciousness being.  


You think in ‘we’ instead of in ‘I’. You want to give back to others or the planet. Sustainable relationships are important to you. You create everything in a sustainable way, in a way that lasts.


Go off the beaten track, it enriches your life and takes you further.

If you want to read more about our philosophy on sustainability, click the link below.

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

By 2030 BOOST THE WORLD has enriched the quality of life of more than 1 million Young Leaders.

BOOST is a global brand and holistic philosophy for boosting and empowering Young Leaders.

We have (re)built 11 eco-conscious communities around the globe.