Sustainability philosophy


Sustainability is the ability to exist in a constant state of being and can be defined through the interconnecting of the environmental, economic and social aspects of life. Globally, in the past 50 years, people have become more aware of their passion and supportive of the idea to uplift the youth and nature in Africa, Asia and South America. 

What is the problem? What we have found out through the years is that projects receive funding and grants but are not sustainable. Therefore, most of those projects end up not meeting the expectations after 5 or 10 years. 

How is our approach different? We strive to make an impact for the longer term. Our programs are based on providing education for the global youth around ecosystems and supporting local communities in building sustainable eco villages. We believe that we are all elements in a connected life cycle.

Our agenda is to simplify the day to day activities to achieve a productive and sustainable process which is easy to follow to create harmony with the elements and nature.

We strive to bring humanity back to their own roots; to being understanding of their importance in the life chain. Key to our philosophy is the importance of being your own individual and bringing your uniqueness to add value to our activities. This is embraced through the diverse community based projects which are selected to empower the selected community. The more we educate the youth about sustainability, the more impact we can achieve, empowering the life cycle back to the origins within Nature.

Our corporate sustainability model provides an investment platform with multiple social and economic benefits. The social benefits are highlighted in the partnerships we hold with the local communities when investment aids the development of their social needs. The economic benefits are provided to partners that require a return on their capital investment through the start up business and development of the local communities economy, through infrastructure, education programs and tourism.