We organize Masterminds where youngsters between 12 and 26 years can actively participate in changing the world for the better, while developing the leadership qualities as: Authenticity, Dedication, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Ownership, Connection, Freedom and Being a citizen of the world. 


How we do that?

Cost per participant: 99,- euro 

Timeline: 16 weeks

Weekly zoom call 1 hour, in group

Given by qualified coaches and teachers

100% commitment to finish

Start date 11th of May 2021


Youngsters between 12 – 16 and 17 – 26 years, who want to learn, grow, want to live from purpose and who want to be a world citizen and give something back to the planet. They are open minded, enthousiast, committed to work on themselves and the project they choose to work on.


How you can become a Heart Centered Leader.

Working on 1 pillar of the biggest problems in the world.

From three dimensional to multidimensional thinking. 

Giving back your knowledge, skills, ideas and time, we work together as a team.

How to Boost your own life and leadership in a holistic approach.

Creating a global movement all together to boost our mission.


How do you become a global citizen and a heart-centered leader?

How can you contribute with your own skills to the development of the eco-conscious communities? 

What are your tasks and function within the Mastermind.

How to optimize the learning process for the future groups. 

What results to expect after the Mastermind?

You are able to connect with your inner purpose, so that you can make choices in mental freedom and not based on what you “think” others expect from you.

You have your own vision about life.

You know how to live your heart’s desires.

You make clear choices.

You lead your own life, instead of the environment leading you. You have stopped pleasing others.

Breaking through patterns and blockages.

Your energy and vibration increases.

You experience space in your head, so you can continuously create yourself on the next level.

You communicate more powerfully and effectively

You experience gratitude in life.

You know your worth.

You see life as an adventure.

More balance, contentment, satisfaction, inner peace and freedom, joy of life, healing and health.

Start date 11th of may 2021
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Masterminds for your own class or school?

Do you want to organize a Masterclass for your class or school? We can make a curriculum that fits your classmates or your students and your study. Schools we work with: the Academy of Amsterdam. 

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